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Safely Drive without Holding Your Cell Phone

When California passed the law that cell phone usage was not allowed in cars, there were many people who were introduced into the technology world. There are many different things that can be installed, or introduced to make the law quite easy to follow. Safely drive without holding your cell phone and you will be in the law. The things that you can consider when you want to be hands-free and not break the law are:

1. Controls in the steering- Most cars now have the hands-free automatically wired throughout the car with the controls in the steering column. This makes it easy for you to always keep your eyes on the road and not have to worry about looking to find the right button on the phone. The sound quality is great and you will be protected from any accidents.

2. Plug-in slot for phone- A lot of devices now have a cord or USB port to plug into the car. The car with this feature has Bluetooth capability and will allow you to talk about your day with your spouse without distracting you and making it safe to drive without holding your cell phone. With cell phone use being the leading cause of car accidents, it makes sense to get the things that will protect you.

3. Hands-free or Bluetooth- This is the best method when you are driving. When a call comes in, you only need to push a button on your earpiece. This will give you crisp quality and be able to allow you safely drive without the need to hold your cell phone. When you do this, you can avoid accidents all together. When you have the hands free or Bluetooth, you will be able to link up with other things too in order to make life a little bit better.

In every situation, safely driving without holding your cell phone is the best thing to do. With the many car accidents caused by people talking on their cell phones, it is the best idea to make a suggestion to what people should be already doing. It is not a challenging thing to understand and there are many states that are now moving towards this change. Accidents are caused in many ways, but cell phone usage while driving remains the most life threatening cause today. There are many people who don’t follow the full law when it makes sense to only follow the law. Keep yourself safe and always protect yourself.




This Jupiter Jack offer is not available in stores. Jupiter Jack is an alternative to bluetooth stereo headsets for using your cell phone while driving. *Special subject to change without notice.

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