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Legal Issues with Cell Phones & Driving

Many States have already passed many laws regarding cell phones and driving and many police officers have issues tickets regarding the disobedience to the law that is written. However, there are more legal issues with cell phones and driving that people may not know. It is best to get to know the local law in your area regarding your cellular phone and driving. The results may shock you. Some legal issues that you may not be aware of are:

1. It will be your fault- There are many accidents that cannot be avoided. However, if you are caught talking on your cell phone at the time of the accident, you are automatically at fault. Granted, this won’t matter on your insurance payment either way, but you won’t get any points on your license if you are not at fault. Talking on the cell phone, however, means that you are.

2. Beginner drivers get harsher punishment- If you are caught talking on your cell phone and you are a beginner to driving, you will get a harsher ticket. The reasoning behind this punishment is that you are not skilled enough to react to an incident as an experienced driver is and talking on the cell phone is another distraction amidst the loud music and friends talking in the back of the car.

3. You may serve jail time- If it is not your first offence, you might be in danger of serving some jail time for your disobedience. With the different laws that are signed, you have a three strike policy that will not allow you to keep performing the act. There are several states that are implementing the three strike rule and have had much success with it.

When you are driving, it makes sense that you are not paying attention fully when you are talking to your friend about the funny girl that you saw the night before. When you are driving with your cell phone, you are technically proven to be the same as you would be had you been drunk driving and many state laws are trying to make cell phone usage while driving to be punishable as a DWI or DUI is. So the next time you are thinking of having on hand with your cell phone and the other with the wheel, think of the people who could be in danger with your lack of attention.


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