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Jupiter Jack reviews

It actually works better than my POS Bluetooth speakerphone and cost about $50 less. I'm a fan. - David

The Jupiter jack is flippin' AWESOME! - Nicky


Jupiter Jack transcript

Are you one of the millions guilty of driving while talking on your cell phone.

Hi, Billy Mays here for the Jupiter Jack. The most convenient hands free device for any cell phone guaranteed.

Just plug it in and mount it on the dash. Preset your radio to 99.3 FM, and you're ready to go.

Jupiter Jack transmits quality sound through the speakers of your car. Instead of hearing music, you hear the other person. No plugs, no wires, no hands.

[Ring] "Hi, it's Billy."

"Hi, Billy. It's Carla. I need you over to studio for a production meeting."

"No problem, Carla. I'll be there in 20 minutes. See ya."


In my car the Jupiter Jack is the only system I use because I can safely talk and drive at the same time. It's compact and portable and works with any phone in any car.

Jupiter Jack transmits your converstation through the speakers of your car. Instead of hearing music, you hear the other person.

"It's so easy. I just plug it into my phone and start talking. And, I feel so much safer because I don't have to hold my phone while I drive."

Using a cell phone while you drive is not safe and in some states it's even illegal. You could spend up to 100 dollars on one of these bluetooth headsets, and they can be complicated and uncomfortable.

This Jupiter Jack offer is not available in stores. Jupiter Jack is an alternative to bluetooth stereo headsets for using your cell phone while driving. *Special subject to change without notice.

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